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20kW OkoFEN Pellematic Biomass Boiler and Pellet Silo Installation

–  20kW OkoFEN Pellematic Biomass Boiler and Pellet Silo
–  6kW Solar PV
–  Aarow Insert Wood-burner

Project details:
When working on a solar installation in Haddenham, our customer’s Father, Trevor visited the property to find out more. He had an interest in renewable heating and solar energy but didn’t want to use a Nationwide company. Our engineer Mike explained how the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels work, the many benefits of having a renewable installation and also mentioned the Government incentives available.

Roly arranged to visit Trevor’s home in Little Thetford to find out his requirements and carry out a site survey with a heat-loss calculation. Trevor explained that he was currently using Calor Gas which resulted in costs of over £3,000 per annum. There was a gas fire in the front room, but the family didn’t like to use it due to the high running costs.

The main necessities outlined by Trevor for a renewable heating solution were reliability, automation and ease of use. The property was in a built-up area which meant it was essential that noise levels were to be kept low to prevent any disturbances to the neighbours. Trevor explained that his Father lived in their family home and preferred the property to be kept warmer than the average 21 degrees but feared the expensive bills which follows. Roly explained that it was certainly possible to have Solar PV panels installed on the roof and calculated 24 panels could be installed producing 4,463kWh of energy per annum. We always advise on having a solar iBoost installed with a Solar PV installation to use the energy generated from the PV array which isn’t being otherwise used in the home to heat the water in the domestic hot water tank for free.

Trevor was pleased that the Solar PV system will contribute towards his electricity costs but also wanted to explore the suitability and affordability of a Biomass Boiler to meet his heating and hot water demands. Roly explained how the system worked and the high efficiency of an OkoFEN biomass boiler. There was enough room in Trevor’s garden to build a shed suitable to house a biomass boiler and pellet-silo. Roly calculated Trevor required a 20kW wood-pellet boiler to meet the family’s heating and hot water demands. Trevor was invited to see the demo boilers in our showroom in Sutton and to visit our website to read our case studies.

The customer was pleased that the quote was affordable and placed an order for the Solar PV, iBoost and Biomass Boiler installation.

Whilst carrying out the work on the property, we replaced the gas fire with an Aarow Insert wood-burning stove. Trevor was delighted that he was able to use his ready supply of wood. We also replaced the open vented system with a pressurised system, changed the radiator TRV valves and removed the tank and pipes from the customer’s loft.

As the OkoFEN Biomass Boiler is MCS accredited Trevor is reaping the benefits from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Feed-in Tariff (for solar) for every kWh of renewable energy produced.

It was a pleasure to work with Trevor and his family on this project. It has been great to see the big difference renewable heating has made to the family home. Trevor now has no concerns when putting on the heating; he is pleased his Father can have the heating up higher than normal without the worry of an expensive bill. Trevor and Brenda his wife have already kindly referred us to their friends!

“Roly and Shane visited my property and went thorough various options available to us. We decided on Solar panels and an OkoFEN biomass boiler, plus a wood-burner to replace the gas fire in my front room.

I am delighted with the installation and am enjoying my reduced energy bills, also the return on investment though the Government Incentives. My wife Brenda and I found it very reassuring using a local company with a showroom which we were invited to visit.

Will, Sam and the rest of the team have been great to work with, the guys did a fantastic job, quickly and with minimal disruption”

Project Details


January 18th, 2016


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Eco Installer

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