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Design and Installation – Tower Mill – Cambridgeshire

Roly and Shane worked closely with local architects ‘Freeman Brear Architects’ during the renovation of a derelict windmill local to Ely.  The customers, Henry and Jayne had an exact idea of what they wanted in their new property and were keen to test the boundaries to see what could be achieved.

With a background in housing development, Henry had a good understanding of building regulations and installations. Henry and Jayne were keen to invest in various renewable technologies to keep their energy bills to a minimum. In particular, they were interested in finding out the suitability of a biomass boiler to provide their heating and hot water and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to contribute towards their electricity.

After going though different options available, Roly concluded a biomass boiler would be suitable to heat the windmill.  Alongside the solar installation, Henry suggested installing a solar battery storage system to store any unused energy produced from the solar system. The stored energy is then used in the evening and throughout the night when no energy is being produced.

Our Electrical Director Mike led the project and worked closely with Henry and the sub-contractors throughout. Shortly after all the installation details were finalised, our engineers started on site.

The 20kW OkoFEN biomass boiler and wood-pellet silo was installed in the plant room adjacent to the mill along with the solar inverters, Sonnon solar battery, rain water harvesting system and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR).

Instead of traditional halogen lights, the couple wanted something that could illuminate a room elegantly. After viewing a range of lighting options the couple decided to have Smart strip lighting and low energy light-emitting diode (LED) spot lights precisely installed throughout the beautiful mill and neighbouring buildings.

The lighting for each room needed to be both functional and beautiful in equal measures.  After much consideration, Henry and Jayne decided to have blue strip lighting in the main family bathroom and dining room.  The couple chose a warm white colour in the rest of the rooms which included the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

The LED lights in the kitchen were set specifically above functional areas such as the oven, sink and dining table. The curved row of lights in the kitchen celling and a hallway accentuates the room’s length and conceals any narrowness; it also uses minimal energy in a space where lights can remain on for long periods. When entering each room, a beautiful yet subtle glow has been achieved. The lights can be turned up to full creating a day scene and dimmed in the evening to providing a romantic atmosphere.

Our plumbing engineers fitted one family bathroom with a free standing bath and two en-suites, both with large walk-in showers.  Each bathroom has neat towel rails and discrete storage providing maximum space.  The impressive downstairs toilet room has touchless flush plate to increase hygiene standards in the shared space.

Externally, our electricians Mike and Karl installed passive infrared sensors (PIR) near the riding stables which turn on the LED security lights when they sense movement. Individual LED lights were also installed in the external walk ways and around the threshold highlighting the entrance.  Karl installed LED lights in the viewing tower which highlights the magnificent and attractive renovation.

As part of a renovation of the 17th Century windmill, our customers Henry and Jayne wanted to safeguard their property and stables at all times.  After researching different smart cameras, Henry decided to have Home monitor HD Pro Weatherproof Wi-Fi Security Cameras installed around the external areas of the property.

Henry was particularly pleased that the high definition cameras have 7 days rolling cloud storage ensuring every movement is detected and recorded.  With the wireless cameras, the couple can monitor their property from anywhere at any time by using the free app a smart phone or tablet; they can set relevant alerts so they are notified if there is unexpected movement outside their home.

Henry and Jaynes transformation of the windmill has been tremendous. In the evenings they can relax in their comfortable home and in the winter months they will enjoy the warmth from the double sided stove. Every room has received a huge amount of detail. Their imagination and vision is now a reality.

Henry commented:

‘The team at really excelled themselves.  I was probably the ‘client from hell’ always questioning and always demanding.  The house has a ‘Double A’ Energy Performance rating and electricity, wood pellets and water will cost about £1,000 a year (before any Government grant income) but that will include re-powering the car for 9,000 local miles.  Exactly what I wanted to achieve.  On top of that their final bill was as expected with no unexpected extras.”

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February 21st, 2016


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ThemeFusion Company

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