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At Renewable Designs, we appreciate the little things that make every project unique.  And we believe that a good design allows things to operate more efficiently, smoothly, and comfortably for the end user.

Are you:

  • subject to a planning condition that needs to be met with a percentage of Renewable Energy?
  • a Builder or Developer wishing to use your own Plumber and Electrician but currently unable to do so and benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive or Feed in Tariffs due to lack of MCS qualification?
  • an Architect wishing to integrate renewable energy and or energy efficiency into a project and looking for both advice and expertise from someone with relevant knowledge and experience?  
  • a Self-builder, Home or Business owner wishing to learn more about the savings and financial incomes available with the latest energy efficiency installations?

At Renewable Designs we can offer the following solutions:

  • provide the complete package from design, through installation to commission and ongoing support for customers that are within our service area.
  • provide design input, and or help you find the most appropriate technologies for a certain project.
  • through our unique MCS partnering scheme, you can undertake a fully MCS approved installation in conjunction with ourselves.

Whatever has brought you to our website, we’d love to be given the opportunity to help.


It’s vital to have the right team around you when you are building the home of your dreams.

Seasoned professional, or is this is your first project?

You can rest assured that our team will instinctively know where & when you need us. Every step of the way.

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Where we work closely with an Architect it is evident in the quality of the finished project.

We are good at asking the right questions

And we are always happy to share our ideas and also willing to explore the very latest methods and technologies.

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The homes that we built today should be the healthiest to live in and more affordable to run than ever before.

Integrating renewable energy

The modern developer has the opportunity to lower their building costs, meet complex planning conditions, and make their properties even more desirable.

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Trusted subcontractors help us maintain the quality of installations as demand increases.

Whether you are interested in working for us

Through our MCS partnering programme, or wish to introduce a client to work with us, we would love to hear from you.  

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Explore Recent Work

At Renewable Designs, we appreciate the little things that make every project unique.

Below are just a few of our recent projects, to find out more please give us a call on 01353 440404. 


What Our Customers Say

“In partnership with Renewable Designs I install the heat pump and my client gets an MCS certificate so that they can apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive. They also employ me on a subcontracted basis to assist with other installations through their sister company Eco Installer. It’s a win-win situation.”

“Having used Renewable Designs in my role as an architect and during my own self build project, I can not praise them highly enough, both for their technical expertise, attention to detail, and general willingness to help. I find myself regularly recommending them to our clients – this is testament to the amount of confidence I have in their abilities.”


“Freeman Brear Architects have enjoyed a successful collaboration with Eco Installer over recent years, working on successful and award-winning new, existing and historic buildings, and we are excited about the new benefits Renewable Designs brings to our projects.The team at Renewable Designs have a good understanding that the integration of services is vital to the success of a great building and we always contact them at an early stage of the technical design process so the building services can be designed-in. They listen closely to the requirements of the brief and have successfully introduced new and innovative technology into our projects. They are always available to discuss how we can detail the services seamlessly into the design, so the future building will perform to its optimum, both environmentally and architecturally. We look forward to a continued professional relationship over the coming years.”

Judith Brear, Freeman Brear Architects LLP

Trusted Partners

We are always on the lookout for good installation, commissioning and support organisations (companies and individuals). If your organisation has the relevant experience, and or qualifications that you feel merits our attention, please forward your details to

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available for Trusted Partners, please get in contact through any of the methods on our contact page.

Free help with your estimate

Don’t be frustrated waiting for a supplier’s quote, we are happy to share recent designs and estimates (customer details removed), so that you can get on with the important job of setting your budget.